Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Collage I made today!

So today's looking like one of those creative days and that makes me happy, REALLY happy:)! and who would have known, the sun's managed to find its way through the clouds too and the day is turning out better than it started.

Here's my work from today. The quote's from Judith McNaught's 'Almost Heaven'. I love all her books. They're such sappy romantic reads, the kinds that manage to give you butterflies(lol). If you're into chick literature and haven't read her books, I'd recommend them any day! was

Friday, August 8, 2008


Last night I made my husband watch this movie with me which I'd brought from blockbuster, 'Blueberry nights'. wow it was so boring, nothing happened in the whole movie. so well I sat down with all these magazines around me and I just tore and cut pages like crazy. so much fun. so now I have lots of inspiration for new collages. these were two I made today, again for the 'she' series.