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Hello and Assalam-alaikum! I'm Nataliya, a Pakistani-American living in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Part time photographer/blogger, full time mom to my three year old daughter, I dream of raising a daughter appreciative of her multicultural upbringing and who is a better person because of it. I am greatly inspired by life, love, faith, courage, art, home décor, DIYs, eclectic style, and making the ordinary extraordinary.

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Ramblings and thoughts on life, raising kids, faith, making memories and everyday celebrations. Inspirations on home décor, kids-and-mom style, DIY ideas and all that inspires. So happy you stopped by!

I post here two to three times a week.


I can be contacted at nataliyanajibAThotmailDOTcom


Picture Credits: Waliya Najib. and Elaf Ul-Juboory