Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anya’s Room : Phase 1

Hey lovelies,

Anya's room has been undergoing its latest transformation as Anya has finally moved into her own room (after spending her mini vacation in a corner of our room). I thought it would be fun to share what the room looked like in its different stages.

Today I'm sharing the first phase of her room, what it looked when she came into our world and through the first year or so of her life. Before then, this room had evolved from guest room to exercise room and finally the room that collected all the junk:p. So it was finally cleared out and done up for Anya/our guests. The best part was this room was done with almost no new purchases and using the things we already had.

Since Anya's crib was in our room (Yes, we're amongst the parents that believe in co-sleeping till at least the first birthday), and she didn't really have much toys, this room basically housed her closet and her changing table etc. Since we live in a smaller rambler, this room is also our guest room, hence the queen size bed that we have to work around. My mom and sisters came to help when Anya was born and this was their room for a couple of months:).

I could've waited to do it up but I really really wanted this room to start looking like hers from the start. Because we did it up, we have been spending time as a family in her room since she was a couple months old.

Welcome to a little peek into her room (or what it looked like till some months ago).

2011-04-25 0032011-04-19 003

(left)My sister Waliya, put these up on a 'Its a girl' balloon, when we came home from the hospital. I cant part with it so it hangs on her door.

(right)The hen and cat shaped cushion made by my sister-in-law and the pom poms that were made for a friends baby shower many years ago. Anya loved staring at them.

2011-04-19 037

The art wall was probably my favorite part of the room. My husband helped put it up a week before Anya was born. On it is beautiful handmade art by my sister-in-law, my sisters, my husband and some that I found and fell in love with.

2011-04-25 005

This paper flower garden was made with love by Anya's Nadiya khala, my sister!

2011-04-25 014

2011-04-25 016

the DIY paper bird mobile share here.

2011-04-25 024

I made the little owl for Anya.

2011-04-25 044

These embroidered pillow covers were made by my grandmother, many many years ago and passed on by my mother.

2011-06-10 072

This was right above her changing area. The sweater was crocheted by my mom for Anya and the painting was also made by my mom in ‘92 and used to hang in my room at my parents house.

2011-04-25 029

This beautiful shawl is one of my favorite items, crocheted by my mother before Anya was born.

This was just a start, and when I did it up, there was so much I wanted to change (like the molding that went across) but decided to go step by step. This room gets some beautiful bright sunshine and we used to spend many sunny evenings in here when Anya was a baby.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek. The next tour of will follow soon!

2011-06-10 070

Where many summer evenings were spent in 2011

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious upon me! <3 such a lovely house you have and this room! Oh my god! I have fallen in love with it! :) beeee-oooo-teeee-phooolll! :)

    1. Thank you girl:) Cant wait to share its transformation!

    2. and I can't wait more... ooooohmy god~

  2. Got a couple of your comments on my blog today :0 Thanks for that and stopping to read by. Loving the room and the look and looking fwd to exploring your blog :) I see some ideas I have put into motion here in my house as well already!

    1. Oh I loved your blog. I hope you'll write more, because its very inspiring to see beautiful people that have found strength through hard times. Thanks for stopping by here. Hope to be in touch.

  3. its MA so beautiful .... and you've got such a creative family Masha Allah .. loved the art wall and the cute cushions ... I think I want to make some cushions like that as well <3 <3

    Much love for the pretty baby and her artsy mom :)

    1. Thank you Asma, aren't they adorable. You should, i bet you could do it, you're talented. I asked everyone to make handmade gifts for Anya instead of anything else. I cant wait for Anya to grow up so i can tell her the story behind all these things that make up her room!

      Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  4. Loving all of these little trinkets added to the room. So vibrant and fun!
    xo TJ

  5. Heyyy nataliya m absolutely loving poms poms in anya's room :)) i always wanted to make these but never got to see any easy tutorial,,plz share with us if you have any!!!thanx

    1. Hey Sumera, they're super easy. I used the tutorial on Martha Stewart's website. Here's the tutorial, http://www.marthastewart.com/265163/pom-poms-and-luminarias-how-to?autonomy_kw=tissue%20paper%20pom%20poms&rsc=header_5
      It has images of the whole process which helps. Goodluck making them!

  6. Thankyou soo muchh nataliya means a lot!

  7. Oh my my! Can't have words to explain that how beautiful is it <3
    How can you make the room looks too much beautiful <3
    Anya is so lucky! :)


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