Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another Toddler Activity


Last week, we tried this activity, when I really needed to occupy her busy little mind for a bit.

I filled three three tiny tupperware containers with different grains, (lentils, rice and macaroni worked for me). I closed the lids, gave her a larger tupperware to put them all in, 2 egg cups, my ceramic yellow egg tray and a funky little spoon.



As usual as she started to explore, instead of doing what I had to, I kept taking pictures of her. I love watching her as she explores new things, her little tongue peeking through the tiny little mouth, busy little fingers, perfectly using the spoon to transfer contents here and there and then back again. Its one of my favorite things to do, watch this baby girl, explore!

And this little exploring activity? It was a super-hit. She played for a HALF HOUR, which in toddler time, is maybe 2 hours! lol. We will be doing this again, totally!


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  1. M definitely going to try this one with my son

  2. K would totally spend more then 30 min on this hehehe she is very intrigue with new things! yay for 30 min of free time!!!

    yup hubby and i speak english and vietnamese to her so she can be bilingual :)

    1. Hehe, only a mom knows how precious a half hour of free time can be:D! That is awesome. We are trying to raise a bilingual kid too so was intrigued about Kaylee. Thanks for stopping by Yvonne.

  3. Aww I think your toddler activity posts are really cute and I love the ideas =] <3


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