Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ramblings: Why I blog

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I blog because I have this strong need to document this life.

I blog because motherhood is beautiful and challenging and sometimes moms need a bit of motivation and perspective to get going. I blog because I want to share and document my journey.

I blog because I believe in the power of the handmade. I blog them here.

I blog because this is my voice. I blog because life is unpredictable and when I’m not around, a part of me might remain. I blog because my daughter might read this many years from today and know me a little better.

I blog because I want to live an inspired life. I blog because too many people live uninspired/unhappy lives. I blog because this life is precious and I want whoever stops here, to feel that. I blog because I want to inspire and be inspired in the process.

I blog because I have experienced loss. I blog because the way tragedy changes you nothing else can and there is so much to learn about yourself and others at a time like that. I blog because there is always hope and reasons to smile. And I blog because I want to pass that on. 

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I blog because I’m a proud Muslim/Pakistani-American and feel its my responsibility to speak more about my religion and culture. I blog because it saddens me when the only voices heard about Islam are the ones that are most ignorant about it. I blog because they don’t represent the beautiful religion I was raised in. I blog because its my responsibility to protect my religion and to pass on its beauty to those around us. I blog because I have yet to come across a Muslim/Pakistani-American voice in the lifestyle blogging world. I blog because I feel there is a strong need for one.

I blog because politicians and those in power can never bring us together, but I believe individuals/words/creativity/art can. I blog because there is beauty in each culture and we have so much to learn from each other. I blog because America is a beautiful country full of beautiful people and opportunities just like Pakistan is, and and if we took the best from both these worlds, we’d be so much richer. 

I blog because at the end of the day we are all more alike than different and I want us to be able to see that. I blog because where there is hate I wish to see love, where there is fear I wish to see understanding. I blog because it is really important to me that we leave a better world for our kids, and this might become my tiny contribution.

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  1. Nataliya, You are so beautiful! I can't explain it in my own words, why is that I don't know but I remember the compliment that the persona shines whether the face's good or not! And I really love your persona and your face obviously because MA God had given you such nice face then why shouldn't I praise Him and you? Beauty and peace in every picture!

    1. I love reading your comments Najia. Thanks for your endless encouragement and motivation. Lots of love!

  2. much inspiring, I knew u have beautiful thoughts but never knew u can give such a power to ur words, this is wut a Pakistani Muslim soul is, delivering this world wut ur responsibility is, stay blessed Nataliya.

    1. Thanks so much for those words. Means alot. Keep reading. Prayers!

  3. Just today I was thinking about letting go of my blog craze. This post made me realise exactly why I can't do that.
    This part is the one I could relate most too: I blog because I want to share and document my journey. ^_^

    Your blog is one of the best blogs at blog-o-sphere, Nataliya Baji. Yeah, I guess I'd be calling you Baji since you're elder than me. :)


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