Friday, September 28, 2012

Toddler Activity: Homemade drums

Hey lovelies,

Here’s another toddler activity for today. We tried two activities with almost the same items. Here is part 1 of that. The homemade drums.

2012-08-20 041

So I gave her a couple of tin containers from the kitchen in different sizes and added a cake tin. And wooden spoon worked for the bang bang. The best part is when I laid out all the items and banged on the tins a couple times to show her what our ‘activity could do’, her eyes started twinkling instantly. Realizing this would be a noisy activity, exactly like toddlers like it to be:p haha

2012-08-20 045

After a while the cake tin turned into a stool, and that turned into an activity on its own. Silly little baby minds. So cute.

She played with this for maybe 20 minutes or so. Not too bad, I’d say!

2012-08-20 053

Thanks for stopping by.

2012-08-20 047

PS: Will share the second activity next.

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