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Guest post: Sana on Celebrating Eid


Hey lovelies, want to introduce another beautiful lady today for another Eid post. Sana and I used to live in the same street almost 10-11 years ago, back in Islamabad. Her dad was in the Pakistan Airforce too and our families knew each other. However it wasn’t until recently that we got in touch through facebook and our mutual love for photography brought us together! She is a super talented photographer, lovely mom to two beautiful babies and has a love for interior décor. Her home is done up beautifully and hopefully we’ll be able to do a post only on her place sometime. Today though, she is sharing little pieces of her eid with us.

Read on to see what she said.


Name:Sana Khan
Location: Sheffield, UK


Tell us about yourself and your family

I'm a semi-professional photographer (why would I not be with a full frame DSLR? Hehe); have done the occasional paid work but most of it is my passion so would also consider myself as a hobbyist photographer.

Allah has blessed me with two beautiful children whom are 4 years old and almost 1 year old.

My husband works in the biotech and nutraceuticals having run his own company since we met.



What does Eid mean to you

A time of celebration; a time to give thanksgivings for the bounties of Allah, a time to remember those who made sacrifices before us (Allah shower peace and blessings upon them - Ameen!). It is also a time that hearts become unified and bitterness, hatred and enmity are all left behind.


Tell us about any Eid traditions at your parents house when you were growing up

There were many, but to name one that was the most memorable was travelling together as a family to my father's hometown/village and all the other families would also travel and it would be the meeting point and get together of everyone in the family, no matter how far away they lived. Then of course, seeing nearest and dearest and close cousins and the banter would continue until the early hours of the morning!


Does you new little family (now that you are married/have children) have any of its own traditions:

We do the best we can to emulate the Eids from the time we grew up, albeit with a little change to accommodate not living in our homeland! So not much travelling to do but we still rendezvous at my father-in-laws house now! And all the usual stuff, new clothes, gifts, etc. Oh yes - a lot more gifts need to be purchased now for immediate family, i.e. nieces and nephews!

DSC_5703 copy

Has becoming a mom/wife changed your perspective on celebrating Eid

Yes and no. We are all still children at heart I believe and we covet what we once had but with those desires. We just transform them to fit our lives as adults rather than children!


What do you want your kids to remember about Eid at 'their parents' house

That it was a time of celebration and happiness and as they grow into their teenage years for them to understand the reasons and appreciate the need to celebrate Eid.

Photo (51)

(all pictures taken by Sana herself)

What do you miss most about Eids spent in Pakistan and how do you try to make up for it(if you do):

Of course, I miss the company of my parents. However, I have been rather lucky that my husband has been with me in Pakistan to experience at least 3 of the ways I spent Eid and my mother was visiting from Pakistan recently and has spent last Eid with me!


Thank you so much Sana for those beautiful pictures and for sharing thoughts and memories from your Eid.

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Will be back with more. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG! This post is lovely,cute,adorable.
    Your Friend both Daughter are just Cute pie,Love them both! Kisses them both :P Heheh :D
    And i Fell in Love with her concepts...If she has
    any page on facebook then give me link?
    Regards;Aimal kayani

    1. Isn't it beautiful! Thanks for stopping by. I don't think she does but I will get that info from her and pass it on if she does!

    2. XOXO To both oh her daughter! :) Okay,thanks :)

    3. aww, thank you so much!!! well, i just recently created my own photography page so you guys can visit it!/pages/Sana-k-photography/436225873087325

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    6. Thank you for giving me a page :)....Ur an awesome PHOTOGRAPHER LIKE NATALIYA API! :*)

  2. Masha Allah you've got beautiful babies Sana. And its such a good tradition to give gifts on eid as people does on christmas to teach our kids a little bit about our own occasions. So that they wait for eids to come every year :)

    Beautiful series Nataliya.

    1. I know!! Her babies are just adorable mA. Glad you like it Asma!

    2. thanks a million asma and nataliya!!!!

  3. Aww sweetheart I loved this post as you have introduced us to your friend, Sana. Secondly that I love the decoration that every single part is beautiful, just so peace! :)

  4. taaiyaa! See my blog :) Specially you see {About my dream} Post..And u'll know that how much i love PHOTOGRAPHY and how much i love Your's and Waliya's Photography..

    -Aimal kayani :)


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