Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inspiring me lately

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Some recent inspirations from around the web.


Nice read on teaching your kids to share (Yes we have entered that stage!!)

This beautiful post by a dad actually, on how he handles the dreaded ‘pink princess’ phase. and how at the end we parents are filters to the world for our kids till they’re grown up enough to actually understand things better.

Following the Malala story is so inspiring and tragic at the same time. Love this article by Angelina Jolie on how she told it to her kids.

Beautiful little photo book of a mom’s letters to her little girl.

Great thinking tips to calm yourself down while your kid has a meltdown.


Home Decor

Swooning over this beautiful Oregon home. Perfect mix of the old and the new and the Coral wall is just LOVE.

Time Management

Very nice tips on managing your time better to get more done.


this little vase would be a perfect little cozy edition for the winters.

these little instagram canvases would be nice in a display.

these little comic book paper planes would be adorable for a little boys room. I just might do these for Anya’s room.


She always takes the most beautiful pictures of her kids doing their own thing. Love the light in this one.

Turn your cellphone pictures into a beautiful photo book like this.


This beautiful website about all thing blogging related.


This yummy cheesy baked pasta. Tried it twice in the last few weeks.

Enjoy! Will be back with some Eid related posts all through the next week! (Hint: There might be some guest posts from some beautiful ladies. Oh YES)

Thanks for stopping by!

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