Saturday, October 20, 2012

Toddler Activity: Artwork

Hey lovelies, been a few days since I shared anything here. Have a couple ideas floating in my head but not enough time to properly work on them yet so for today making do with another toddler activity share.

Anya and I tried our first little artwork together. I saw something similar on BabyTV a couple days ago and thought we can try it.

So I gave her a paper, and a little homemade paint like here, except didn’t add any food color this time. I only wanted it to act like glue so everything sticks to the paper. Gave her four bowls of different edible items like leftover sunchip crumbs, leftover cheerios and two types of sprinkles.

2012-10-01 022

Since she doesn’t like dirtying up her hands (starts making faces and saying ‘dirty hands’), I gave her a little spoon add it all to her paper.

2012-10-01 029

Busy little baby loved this little activity and enjoyed playing around with all the different textures. I had to help her to remember to add them to the paper. Soon she realized though that she wanted to eat all these yummy things so ended up eating all the leftovers:p

2012-10-01 034

I put the art outside to dry up and later on brought inside to show it to her baba. At this point though, Anya wanted to take off all the cheerios and eat them:p so poor artwork had to be thrown away and sadly there is no picture of the final outcome. It looked pretty much like the picture below! haha.

Overall a fun activity that we tried  again when Anya’s friend visited a few days later. Will share pictures from that later!

2012-10-01 032

Thanks for stopping by!

2012-10-01 033


  1. Very good activity! you have always been sharing and introducing some extra-cool-messy-activities to your child and I am so astonished to see that she is enjoying it along with no mess! Excellent nats! Such a tidy child !!! love to herrr!!!! xxx

    1. Haha, she is a funny baby. She prefers making messes when mommy isn't ready for them unlike when mommy wants her to make one! :p xoxo

    2. awww but then she acts just so quite & calm when her mommy is ready for messing up ;) xx

  2. Aww! Love this !..Good activity! :)
    That's really cool!..You can't get anger when anya messes? :P Haha?
    And really;I love to see when anya eating this! <3
    Kiss to anya:-*
    Aymi Kayani


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