Monday, October 8, 2012

Toddler Activity: Homemade Paints

Hey lovelies,

Sharing another little activity we did a couple weeks ago. Anya still loves to taste everything so I have been keeping away from real paints. Don’t know where I saw this but tried an easy recipe for homemade paint that is completely safe.


Nice and colorful, right?

Its basically half cup flour dissolved in a little less than half cup water (or more depending on the consistency you want). I divided the mixture into three and added a drop each of Wilton’s gel food colors. Super easy and super fun. 


Give it a try and share a picture if you’d like:)

Thanks for stopping by!

PS:Sometimes I try to go camera-less and only use my cellphone for pictures. These were taken on my Windows Phone and edited in the Instacam app. Sadly Instagram hasn’t come to Windows Phone yet

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