Wednesday, September 17, 2008


she loves:


{God, her family(old and new), her boy, her parents, her sisters, her grandparents, books, being around children, dancing, doodling, good movies, snow fights, laughing for no reason, smiles, instant messaging, swimming, laughing so hard that her stomach starts to hurt, lipglosses, lying on her bed reading magazines, laughing hysterically, learning about cultures and traditions, photography, anything to do with pictures, shopping, singing at the top of her voice, making up her own versions of songs and singing, walks on the beach, harmony, gup shup with the people i love at wierd hours of the night, milkshakes, talking on the phone, rainy summer days, telling old stories, listening to people tell their life stories, cheese toasts, peanut butter, hot toast with melting butter, walks in the rain(only if its nice and warm), dancing in the rain, candles, sleepovers, old home videos, yoga, sunny winter mornings, old photos, watching the rain from my bedroom windows, puppies and kittens, good quotes, song lyrics, blogs, scrapbooking, collages, art, pretty houses, personality, flamin hot cheetos, TEa(with milk and sugar), movie nights with her husband, cooking for her man, shoes, strappy sandles, candlelit dinners, heart shaped balloons, flickr, paper crafts, fuzzy slippers, the color pink, pakistan, architecture, decor, pretty clothes, kajal, road trips, weddings, dressing up, scarves, music, her guy's songs, her mom's art, her sister's poems, all her memories, life, lying in her yard in the sun, the childhood she had, her little bug, purses, her friends, long conversations, people who inspire, inspiration}

to be continued

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  1. Thanks for visiting my rather neglected (as the name implies) blog, "illkept". Your site is charming and elegant and feels inviting, not at all overdone. I am a fan of the courier font as well. The lazy theme is great too. People, as you may have noticed, work way way too much in this country and don't take enough time to look around and breath. Keep it up!


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