Saturday, August 13, 2011

diy: the ever changing picture wall

Our dining room wall had been sitting empty for a while. The actual plan for the wall is putting up art made by our loving family, including my mom and my husband’s sister’s and other collected ones. But that was taking a while to happen so on a whim I decided to do this.
2011-07-30 034
Started with three rows, which quickly became four.
2011-08-03 001
2011-08-03 002
four rows of happy memories and moments. My husband loves them and now wants to keep this instead of our original art wall idea! Will have to convince him when I start getting bored of this!! Ha!


  1. This is beautiful natsyy! <3
    I want a photo-shot with you and anya darling! <3 Hhehe :D Wish to be with you in Settle...

  2. Where have you hanged this pictures?? Wire or string what is it actually :)


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