Monday, March 17, 2014

Inspiring me lately



‘I know that these are the days that will occupy a huge part of my memories forever. I will look back on my life, and these days, when the kids are little, will be days that I ache for. I can already feel that ache, and the kids haven’t even grown up…When you have a baby, the fast forward button on the remote of your life is superglued, duct taped, and nailed down. It is happening — fast… Feel it. See it. Breathe it. Remember it.’

- What a beautiful reminder in this post.


- Loved this post on taking a little time for ourselves when we get ready and what it says to our kids and specially our daughters.



- Love her recipes, specially as we try to bring more veggies in our dinners and eat more healthy.



LEFT Loving the printed kimonos all around. RIGHT via Forever21


- Modesty is beautiful and love this post on dressing with intention.

‘It’s a fine line—I know, I’ve been there—and it’s not a bad thing to want to look drop dead gorgeous. Whether you’re set to go out dancing with your girlfriends or hoping for a chance encounter with Mr. Right, could it be that wearing cookie-cutter clothes with the sole purpose of looking hot may perpetuate the cycle of not feeling attractive enough? …... Next time you are getting ready to go out for the night, try dressing with intention, instead of dressing for attention. Dressing with intention is not about denying the expression of your personality, rejecting your sexuality, or the countless other outcries against the idea. Dressing with intention allows you to move beyond the confines of merely “sexy.” What is it exactly that you want to say?’


- Inspired by this to makeover my home clothes

Home and Decor


LEFT In love with the color of the cabinets

RIGHT Absolutely wish we could add an extension like this to our home.


- Love this post via West Elm on how to make your gallery wall.


- via abeautifulmess


- Would love to do this for Anya

Early Learning

- Found out about the KUMON workbooks through a friend and trying out tracing and uppercase letters with Anya right now.

Crafts/Activities for Kids.


- Had this pinned for a while and just tried this today. Anya loves it.

- After seeing a friend do it, we have been doing a bit of toddler yoga. Loving the experience. Here’s the YouTube link.


- Read these words somewhere and they resonated so strongly with me.

‘The bottom line is pray. If you’re tired, sick, emotionally overwhelmed – pray. If you’re on cloud nine and life seems perfect – pray. if you lack direction, pray. if you doubt that prayer makes any difference – pray. if the circumstances of your life are out of your control – pray. if the circumstances of your life seem well within your control – pray even harder. whatever you do – pray.’

- Love this ayah.


Clinking on the pictures will take you to the original sources and none of the images are mine.

Hope these leave you inspired. Thanks for reading.

Lots of love.

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