Monday, May 19, 2014

Conversations with Anya

Happy Monday you guys:). Starting a new series here to share some pieces of conversations with Anya. Love how entertaining toddler talk is and oh so cute, not always though! Lol. Its sad though because unless I write it down, I just forget all this toddler banter. Hopefully this series will motivate me to write more.


Overheard, a very grumpy Anya telling Bilal: I am not proud of you.
Bilal: Really, why aren't you proud of me?
Anya: You touch my pony(tail), I am not proud of you!


In the car on way to Mt Rainier.
Me: Anya look outside so you don't get dizzy.
Anya: Kabhi kabhi dizzy ho sakte hain. Kabhi kabhi girls happy hoti hain. Kabhi kabhi dizzy hoti hain. Girls DIZZY ho sakti gain. (Sometimes you can be dizzy. Sometimes girls are happy, sometimes they are dizzy. Girls can be dizzy.)
Me: ?!


On the way to a friend’s house in the car.
Me: Anya you know what, we’re going to Y’s house.
Anya: (Pauses and thinks about it) apko pata hai Y maar sakta bhi hai. (Do you know, Y can hit too.)!


Anya: Meine baba keh office jana hai. (I want to go to Baba’s office.)
Me: Aw, I'll take you one day
Anya: Hum one day mei agaye hain. (thinks and looks outside) one day blue sky ka naam hota hai. (We are in one day. (Looks outside), one day is the name of blue sky.)!

I am telling her about her friends coming over the next day, I said 'N ajaye?', (Can N come?)
Anya: NO. N kehta hai mere ghar aao, lekin meine uss keh ghar nai jana, mujhe N kee mama ka baby nahi banna' (N says come to my house. But I don’t want to go to his house. I don’t want to be his mama’s baby.)!


Anya thinks that this particular song on my cd in the car is about her Taya.‘Mama hum taya ko batayenge keh hamarae pass bhi taya wala song hai.’  And she loudly sings along to it: 'Tujh ko jo TAYA, to jeena aya.’ And yesterday fought with the person singing the song all the way to the grocery store, ‘No, Its my Taya’!


Thanks for reading and lots of love.

PS: A bilingual household means a bilingual kid! I'll try to post the translations of most of the conversations but sometimes its not that easy. Hope you’ll excuse that.

PPS: Names are hidden to protect the identity of the sweet people around us:p


  1. OMG she is so cute. The last piece of conversation is just adorable. Tujh ko jo Taya!

    1. hehe, we are enjoying that one too! Thanks for the comment. Xoxo

  2. That's so cute. Hi Nataliya, I came across your blog and its awesome. I just moved to Seattle from Toronto a year ago, and its been great reading your blog and getting to know the area. mA your daughter is so bright! Anywho, love the photography and I'm also following you on IG! Looking forward to more.

    - Seher

    1. Thank you so much Seher. Welcome to Seattle:) Hope you get like and i'm so glad i could be of some help! Thanks for stopping by and lots of love.

  3. lol "Taya" xD she's so cute!


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