Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Friendships and Traditions.

2012-10-15 225

I thrive on friendships, making memories and traditions and this one that happened on it’s makes me smile. Three consecutive fall seasons.. One spot close to Duvall.. Two little hyper girls.. And two crazy moms who will go to some great extents to get pictures, even if it rains! The past three autumns, after similar semi-lazy days at our home, we’ve bundled up, buckled our girls in our cars and driven down to this spot on the Snoqualmie River Trail. We’ve dragged tripods (only the first time, and learned to not do it again because of how crazy it got) and umbrella’s (only this year as it was drizzling through out). We’ve begged these little girls to catch up as they’ve trailed far behind us or screamed at them when they’ve run too far ahead of us. We’ve waited for strangers so we can get a picture of all four of us, and taken some terribly framed ones with our tripod. We’ve laughed hysterically, danced ‘leafy-leafy’ dances, collected leaves (one little adorable nature-lover particularly has apparently not outgrown that love as visible from the pictures below), wondered aloud about the foliage and how it compares with previous time(s), and we’ve (two particular little girls) fought over umbrellas and who should get which one!

There is something about traditions. They make everything feel more special. They force us to make time for the ones we love and the things we love. And they help us look at the past with fond memories! Even though sometimes you might have to drag yourselves/your kids/your friends along to continue them, they are totally worth it, I learned that from my mother and it finally makes sense to me!

Sharing these series of pictures from the last three autumns with our beautiful friends!


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Do you have any traditions with friends you’d like to share? Would love to hear:)

Thanks for reading, lots of love.

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  1. Masha Allah. .Allah bless you all. I had not been lucky the friends I had tradition
    play date s with their kids died as toddlers so it had been hard for me and my kids.


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