Sunday, December 7, 2014

IN (instagram) PICTURES – November

Hey you guys. Apparently I hardly took any photos from my big camera in November so here is the IG version of last month. Enjoy :)


November brought our first time mailing in our votes//And wrapping up my client sessions for the year


Rainy afternoons at the library//Cozying up with our piles of books afterwards


Chilly-but-so-beautiful sunny mornings at Anya’s school//And my cups of tea in bliss while Anya’s at school


Loved getting up before sunrise to my morning chai and some Quran reading early morning. Made for a perfect start to the day.


Random home moments: Weekend chai for two//dreaming up some plans as she joins along//doctor in the house all the time//toddler art is the most adorable.


Yummies for the tummy: Meeting up with friends over pizza//Cupcake Date with my little girl//Favorite new broccolli salad recipe//Quick weekend dinners.


Out and about with my girl


Sick days with first the little one and then the husband.


Love the in-between moments (as few and far-between they might be sometimes!)when you actually feel the joy of spending your days with a little toddler.


Skype with her bestie//Art from the same little bff hanging up on her wall.


Lots of shopping and running around getting ready for an upcoming trip. PS: Anya chose the neon socks for me :)

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Thanks for stopping by. Lots of love.

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