Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Baby : one from today and one from last September

2012-07-05 Haroon Bhai and family visit 097

9th July 2012:

Dear baby, another visit from loved ones is over. And we’re left with lots of happy memories to cherish and a house that feels so quiet once again. Your Haroon taya, Uzma tayi and Danyal bhai left yesterday after a full week of exploring, shopping and many memories in a house that seems happiest when full of people. And now when they have left and we are a bit sad, I remind myself to be thankful that we have loved ones to miss. And I silently say a prayer for all our family. As long as I know that they’re healthy, I will ask for nothing more. That if given the choice, I would rather they be happy, healthy and settled in their own lives, than closer but hurting in any kind of way! And I pray that until we meet again, they are safe in God's best care. And that whenever we meet next, it is in good times. But I also pray that if and when bad times do come, we are able to get through them with our loved ones next to us. And through it all I pray for my daddy who had been planning to visit us soon, but never could. I will always wish he had been able to, one last time. May he rest in peace. Ameen.

2012-06-30 068

2012-06-30 059

22nd Sep 2011:

Dear little Baby, your Haroon taya left today and the house is all quiet. Its funny how the same place feels different every time visits from family are over. How their perfumes still linger, how little pieces of theirs are sometimes left behind, a sock, a scribbled note; all evidences of their cozy presence in our home. The things, the scents remain but the people we love are somewhere on an airplane, heading away from us with every passing minute. My mom says that on these days one should leave the cleaning etc. for later and just get out of the house, and she's right. Today we did exactly that, you and me went out shopping for sales, and got back home to find a lovely email from your taya thanking us for his pleasant visit. I read it out to you and you smiled. Even if the goodbyes are hard, even if the house feels more quiet than before, even if it takes some days of random loitering to feel better once they're gone, its all worth it. Because every second that we spend with our parents, our sisters, our brothers, our grandparents, our nieces, our nephews, all the people we love, is a gift. And even when we say goodbye to them with tears in our eyes and lumps in our throats, we are thankful.

2012-07-05 Haroon Bhai and family visit 1462012-07-05 Haroon Bhai and family visit 010

2012-07-05 Haroon Bhai and family visit 163

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  1. simply love the words

  2. Yes, Uncles take a lot of part in one's life, my taya too did a lot for me... you used to live in the US but still the closest to me! :) I love the second letter!

    1. OH there is absolutely nothing in the world like our extended family. I wish we were close to our uncles and aunts! You're a lucky one Najia :)!

    2. yes, but that's all to to be close to our family and friends! I feel. :)


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