Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY: Bird mobile

I’m in the process of doing up my daughter’s room these days and before I share the final result of that I thought I would share a bit from her old room. One of my first DIY’s for her room was this bird mobile.

2011-04-25 016

I made it one late night with my husband, when I was pregnant. He gave me ideas for the colors etc. and I cut papers as we watched TV.

2011-05-18 0142011-04-19 012

It hung over Anya’s changing area and when she was a couple months old, it kept her entertained for long stretches. She stared at it and kicked her tiny little legs when it turned around. Of course my husband had to sit on the rocking chair and blow at it to make it move:p.

Recently, it kept Anya distracted as she tried to blow at it, as I changed her diaper.

2011-04-25 015

Hope you enjoyed this little peek. More to follow:)

Thanks for stopping by!

2011-06-10 072
This painting my mom made, used to be in my room at my parents’ house and I brought it with me when I moved. The crochet sweater was made with love by my mom too:)

Note: The idea for the mobile came from Martha Stewart here found via Pinterest. It is made using a wire picture hanger and cut out birds!


  1. Its so beautiful :) and MA your home is a pretty pic too

  2. and thats such a calming painting :)

    1. Thanks Asma, isn't it beautiful? Its been hanging in my bedroom since before i got married:)

    2. mashallah very beautiful picx


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