Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We are back.

We are back home. After soaking up some much needed sunshine, getting loved enough for a lifetime, taking at least a gazillion pictures, polishing our upcoming vocabulary with so many urdu words, hanging day in and out with people we love, shopping for sweet little things and just soaking up life with the family in general, we are back.

It feels good to be back home, to be together again. Even as we get sad about the goodbyes we had to say. If only all the people we love could live close to us, sigh! 

2013-01-25 0212013-01-25 017

I hope you guys have been awesome and I cant wait to catch up. Have so many exciting things to share. But hope you will give us some time, as this jetlag settles down a bit and we feel more like ourselves.

Be back soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aww... take very good care of yourself and that baby out-there <3 have loads of mugs of tea and blog a lot :) AS YOU DO! I wish if your could stay more, even though I didn't meet you but was happy to have you somewhere out there :) But still, I am happy to have you under the same sky :) Take good care again jaani. Loads of love.
    -Your sis- <3

    1. HEhe, you are too good for the ego. Thanks for those words. Xoxo

  2. Welcome Back Jaani! :)
    I am pretty sure,You and Anya enjoyed too much in ISB! :)
    I am waiting for your super duper posts.
    #Love you#Kisses to Aniyaaaa Jaani <3 :*

  3. Hey, Welcome Back! - Loved all the photos and updates you have been posting so far. Waiting to hear your interesting stories from the trip, especially from the mystic Bahawalpur.

    1. Thanks Huma. Sigh, yes have so much to share but hope I get round to it soon;p Hope you are well. Hope to see you soon. Xoxo


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