Friday, February 1, 2013

Style Check: The ‘Anya and her Khalas’ edition

I love dressing up my little girl, and our style is a little eclectic because I love mixing and matching what we have to come up with new outfits. Even when shopping for my little girl, I try to look for classic pieces that can be mixed up with other items in our closet for some unique looks. I also prefer not to dress her from head to toe in any particular style or from any one store, just to give our own little personality to the things we wear.

So well, with five girls in the house (mA), while we were with our family, you can imagine the amount of dressing up and taking pictures, that took place. I thought it would be fun to compile a little post on some ‘Anya and khala fashion’ from our little Pakistan break. Here it is. Hope you enjoy!

Look 1: Ready for some shopping around town.

2012-12-19 Back to Islamabad 0882012-12-19 Back to Islamabad 090

Anya wears: Ruffle Cardigan: Children’s Place, Bubble shorts: H&M, Tights: Baby Gap, Shoes: Baby TOMS from Nordstrom

Look 2: Spending a day at an Uncle and Aunt’s beautiful farm.

2012-12-22 069

Anya wears: Yellow Wool Coat: Outfitters Junior (a lovely local clothing line in Pakistan), a gift from Anya’s cousin. Hair accessory: Target

Day 3: Lazy day at home

2012-12-23 059

Anya wears: Skinny jeans and Hooded jacket from Baby Gap

Look 4: Exploring Islamabad.

2012-12-25 204

2012-12-25 3342012-12-25 288

Anya wears: Dress: Nordstrom, Cardigan: Children’s Place, Coat: Old Navy, Tights: Gift, Boots: Gift from her Nadiya khala from London. 

Look 5: Quick photo shoot by the mountains.

2012-12-30 Islamabad 0042012-12-30 Islamabad 022

Anya wears: Pink ruffle dress: Baby Gap (Gift from an aunty), Sweater: Osh Kosh, Dotted tights: Old Navy, Silver pumps: found at Marshalls.

Look 6: At home

2013-01-11 Islamabad 1412013-01-11 Islamabad 148

2013-01-11 Islamabad 210

Anya wears: Striped dress: Osh Kosh, Sweater: Old Navy, Tights: Gift, Silver pumps: found at Marshalls

Look 7: Anya goes to a park.

2013-01-15 Islamabad 035

2013-01-15 Islamabad 053

Anya wears: Dress: Osh Kosh, Jacket and tights: Old Navy, Silver pumps: found at Marshalls, Hair clip: Target

Adorable, right? I sure think so and say a silent prayer in my heart when I see Anya with our lovelies! Maybe you noticed Nadiya and Waliya wearing the same outfit in at least one place? We have always shared our clothes with each other and sometimes we exchange our outfits/shoes/accessories when we meet. I quite love it. Makes us feel closer with each other.

Also I think we should have more baby fashion on the blog. What do you say? wink!

2012-12-25 177

Thanks so much for stopping by.

(FYI: Khala is the urdu word for maternal aunt.)


  1. gorgeous wardrobe of Anya and her khalas too :) Shopping for lil gals is so much fun too ... its like landing into a splash of colours. I usually try to grab different things for Hiba too and mix and match them .. better than buying whole outfits; each time you get a different style. I wish she was so keen on clips and hair accessories too .. she just don't let them on for more than few minutes at max :/

    Gorgeous trip pics .. are you back to home(from home i.e.)?

    ps: loved that car in look 1 pics ... only in pakistan thing heheh

    1. Asma!! Yes I am back home. Sorry for the late reply, Anya got sick as soon as we got back and was caught up. Haha totally, its hard to know when to stop shopping for them. Its funny you mention the clips, because lately she'll keep taking it off and OCD mom that I am, I keep putting it on, hoping she'll not notice at some point:p Anyways good to hear from you. Hope you and your girls are well! xoxo

  2. so cute! your sisters are beautiful too
    Love the relaxed picture of them at home with the big white cat, lovely

    1. Thanks so much Helen. The cat is my youngest sisters and a part of the family:) Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

  3. looooooooove it taiya!

  4. Wow! <3 Lovely! Anya looks TOO AWESOME in these Outfits. And I love Your Cat! :*
    Waliya aapi <3 I can't have words to tell you that She's TOO pretty! :* I love her.
    Nadaiya aapi,looks Cuteeee <3
    You and your sisters are Beautiful,pretty,adorable,etc! <3 :D

  5. I love Anya's outfit with the coat and boots :) And the dresses your sisters are wearing in the first photo are so colorful and beautiful.

    1. Thanks Mary. Yeah, don't dresses look especially cute when worn with boots ;)

  6. Just love all your daughters outfits mashallah..i also love to dress up my daughter all the time and now she has become a little fashionaista lol

    1. MA, thank you Sana. Oh I think I know that. From what I have seen of Marium, she is totally a little fashion-ista, but not a big surprise as so is her mom:)


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