Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dear Baby: Weekends and Bookshops

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Dear Baby, One of our favorite thing to do on lazy weekends is making a trip to a bookshop. Your baba and I just love our books. Always have, always will, and right now it seems like you do too. Your Dr Suess books, your Mother Goose books, and the many others you have, occupy you like nothing can.

I hope books, and the stories they contain, continue to mesmerize your little mind. I hope you live a million different lives through the stories you read. I hope the books you read make you think, they make you ponder, they make you a better person. I hope you are forever inspired by books. I hope you are up many a nights because you just cant put that book down. I hope you never forget the magic of books and bookshops and the never ceasing wonder of the smell of books. I hope they widen your horizons and open your heart. I hope you find peace in solitude and a good book and in reading in bed.

If we pass nothing else to you, I hope we can pass on this love of books to you.  

Love, Your Mama.

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FYI: Anya calls her dad baba. A word that is used for dad in Urdu


  1. That's a great gift you can give to your children. It was so cute to see her personal books' collection and the way she carries it with her. :)

    1. I totally believe so. Aw, thanks for the love! Hugs!

  2. This is just the component and the little loop which holds people together! I hope you like my blog post and you might have also told Anya and passed on her my love! :) Love the photos, and the baby :)
    PS: I have DE-activated my Facebook. Catch your up here :)

    1. Aw will do and thanks so much Najia. much love!

  3. the bestest thing kids can learn at this age :) With so much technology invading our homes, books should be kept supreme in a kid's learning. I love it when hiba imitates me and hold the book and read silently :)

    May we be able to pass some wisdom and word of truth to our children too

    1. Hehe, that sounds so cute Asma. Ameen. Yes lets hope we do and that our kids grow up to value books in the technology noise that will be their life.


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