Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One of those days and then a reminder.

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Today was one of those days. My baby was being extra whiny. I wasn’t patient. I was mentally absent, thinking of all the chores around the house, planning her birthday that is next week. Anya wasn’t happy, wanted to be carried around, and cried at every little thing. If I left her to play and went to another room, I would hear ‘Mama, mama, mama’ endlessly. When we had to go out, she refused to wear her jacket or her boots, because they were ‘too cold’. Impatiently I tricked her into wearing them as she wailed . I was irritated, as I barely got things done, went out for groceries in the dreary weather, and got dinner ready.

THEN I saw this video and I was reminded just another time.

Anya sat in my lap as I watched it. Tears rolled down my face endlessly as I hugged my baby girl tight. My baby girl is healthy, happy and with me. What more could I ever ask for! I prayed so hard for this little boy and his parents. I begged Allah’s forgiveness for being mindless of all that I am blessed with, the biggest being health. I, for one, should know better. To have seen life altering illness and the fragility of life just recently, how could I forget?

May strength and faith be with this brave little boy and his family.

My last days–Meet Joel

Some days we need a reminder all over again, because we do forget in the rush of daily life.

To love and to be thankful. To be patient and present. To enjoy the gifts we have been given. Nothing is more important than the ones we love. Thank you God for everything.

Will you enjoy your loved ones today?

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  1. Omg! This post of yours sounds so familiar. My little man is 19 months old, and he has become so cranky lately. Whining all the time, and throwing tantrums. It's all about being patient, but then, there is a limit to everything. Messy house, crying kid, etc can definitely drive one crazy. Apart from all that, our kids are a true blessing. Thanks for uploading this video :)

    1. Hai, I know what you mean. Something happens to these little ones once they turn 18 months. I honestly felt like Anya changed overnight around that time. But well just a little perspective is all we need on these days and for me that is what the video brought. and a little break too sometimes. hehe. Thanks for your comment. Xoxo


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