Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The mister’s birthday.


I love planning simple celebrations for birthdays and other occasions, you probably know that already if you follow this blog;). Bilal’s birthday was last week and even though we had a hard time finding a gift for him that he liked (Honestly, why is it so hard to get anything for men??), we had great fun planning a celebration at home. Balloons, a celebratory breakfast, cupcakes from the grocery store, birthday card with a special ‘balloons’ drawing by Anya, a small gift, some decorations around the house, made our version of a homemade celebration. Oh also, I wrote a birthday message for Bilal on the bathroom mirror, because I just like to do silly things like that. Anya walked in later that day as I was putting on makeup and went, ‘KIS NE LIKHA YEH MIRROR PEH’ WHO WROTE ON THE MIRROR, ‘MAMA, paper peh likhte hain, mirror peh nahi likhte!’, MAMA, you write on paper not on the mirror. And I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded! :\ lol.

Anyways, take a peek.








I believe we only get a limited number of these occasions to celebrate alongside our loved ones and we should try not to miss the chance to make our spouse, our parents, our siblings, our kids feel special :)

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  1. Masha Allah congrats to him :) May he always have a blessed beautiful life with his loved ones.

    That pancake tower looks yum ... very innovative.

    And on the mantel do i see jars with pictures inside them??

    1. Ameen sumameen. Thanks for those duas. And yes we had to be creative to fancy it up ;). Your comment inspired me to post about the photo jars, hope you saw that post :) lots of love

  2. Sorry i'm late to wish but anyways , Happy Birthday to you Bilal Uncle. Have a nice day.
    I love the Cup-cakes you share.Ahh-Mouthwatering.


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