Friday, December 7, 2012

Toddler Activity: Homemade push/pull toy

Since Pakistan is hardly giving me any time to work on the posts in my head, I thought I’d share some pictures from before we came here. Remember when we tried this activity? We tried a bigger version of that, actually big enough for Anya to take a ride in it too.

2012-11-12 0122012-11-12 0142012-11-12 018

This version ended up being a huge hit with her, and even though these are pictures from the same day, she played with it up till the day of our flight. Check her out giving all her favorite teddy bears a ride around the house.

2012-11-12 025

And this is how most of these rides end. ‘Dh-aa’ (which in Anya language is used for whenever you throw something on the floor) go all the poor furry things at the end. Most times to make space for herself, and then we drag her around the house, no pictures of that sorry:)

2012-11-12 029

Next time you have an empty box, I suggest you give this one a try. No mess, no fuss. You can even pretty up the box with neon duct tape as was our plan but travel preps made that hard to do.

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  1. Like it , Will make the same for my son :)


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