Thursday, November 29, 2012

We are with the ones we love <3

We are in Pakistan, surrounded by family and good food and lots of gupshup. Our little girl is happier than ever, getting endless hugs and kisses. And dadi, nani, khala, phupo, phupo, bhai are becoming every day words for our little girl. Just another reminder, that there is nothing in the world like being with your loved ones.

2012-11-23 001

Watching cartoons with her little khala

2012-11-21 033

Early morning tea parties with her nani

As kids, I remember how it felt with our nani and nana. With them we always felt more special than we had ever felt with anyone else. They loved us with all of their hearts and there wasn’t a second that we didn’t feel it.

And now I see Anya surrounded by love like that. Our baby is lucky enough to experience that same intensity from all around! Her nani, dadi, taya, khalas, phupos etc love her like she’s theirs and my heart swells at the sight of it. We are lucky, our baby is lucky. To experience love like this as a child, it grounds you, it makes you want to go back again and again to experience it. She is blessed and so are we.

2012-11-21 158 

visiting her great nani and nana

It tells more about these people than anything else.Through the difficulties that have crossed our paths and through the tears we have cried, we have been together. These are the ones that have cried with us, these are the ones that have helped us stand up. And these are the ones we come back to.

Even though we do not have the luxury to be with them every chance we get, I want my little one to know their importance in our lives. Our biggest investments are in our family and the ones we love and that is something we need to be reminded of again and again specially today.

2012-11-22 0532012-11-22 014

Busy exploring her taya’s beautiful house.

Hope you will excuse my irregular posting in the coming weeks. We are a little caught up with these lovely people. But I have many exciting posts brewing. Be back soon :)

2012-11-22 028

Thanks so much for stopping by!

2012-11-22 048

FYI: Gupshup: chit chat. Nani: maternal grandmother, Dadi: paternal grandmother, Khala: mom’s sister, Phupo: dad’s sister, Taya: dad’s elder brother, Bhai: elder brother/cousin, Apa: elder sister/cousin. Urdu is a beautiful language in the sense that is has specific words for all our relations.


  1. OMG! Awesome post taaiyaa! <3
    Yeah! It's more fun to be with your loved ones<3
    And i love the house ! Beautiful :)

    1. Sorry taaiyaa! Somal kayani is my sis ........Her i.d is open and i don't know how but i comment so,please tell her comment! :)
      Regards;Aimal kayani.

    2. Thanks lovely and its totally okay. I still need to check your blog out one of these days, Pakistan is keeping us occupied:) I'm sure it is beautiful just like you!

    3. Ur most welcome my dear! :)....Aww,thanks for checking it...Have fun in Pakistan :)
      No,not me :P Just like you<3

  2. Love your words and yes it is so true that the greatest hapiness is family happiness,. The hapiness of your loved ones:)) lucky you mashallah .. Enjoy to the fullest.. Tc

    1. Thanks beautiful lady. Only the ones that live overseas from family understand the pain of distance and the joy of reunions:) Love to you and your little guy!

  3. thats ubber beautiful feeling masha Allah .. to be surrounded in people who'd genuinely care (even more than you :> ) for you kids...

    Its such a blessing to be surrounded by your close relations and getting to know them .. specially when you live so far in actuality.

    Enjoy to your fullest and just relax :)

    ps:I wish I could be in my beautiful Islamabad too.

    pps: Gorgeous pics and gorgeous home :)

    1. Aah I totally know what you mean. It surprises me so much sometimes, I mean the love our families have for these babies only because they are ours! Incredible mashAllah. Thank you so much for your sweet words, wishing you are able to meet your loved ones soon too iA. love to you and your babies!

  4. Have a very nice, joyful and safe trip Nataliya! I hope you are fine! and hugs to anya! Take care .. <3 =]

    1. Thanks Najia babes, hope you are doing awesome too. lots of love!

  5. We live away from out family too.
    But I tasted true love when Mom n Dad took us to spend our vacations with Nani and then Dadi Dada.
    They're such amazing people ^_^
    And have even amazing-er stories to tell :)

    I came here through your facebook page.
    Hey,add a followers gadget so that it's easy for to add your blog to Google Reader :)

    1. Absolutely nothing like grandparents I tell you, and you are so right about the stories they have. I have actually starting audio recording their stories in my phone for Anya for later on. And sigh yes, I need some lessons on blogger actually. I'm working on a facebook page for the blog too so its easier to follow. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

    2. Audio taping is an excellent idea :D
      Well ask somebody about adding gadgets :)
      An FB page would be cool *_*


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