Sunday, November 11, 2012

To embrace it

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With cozy boots and patterned leggings and lots of new sweaters, with photo shoots in the rain with friends trying to convince our toddlers to pose, with neighborhood walks with a baby on my hip under a see-through umbrella, with Anya’s outstretched hands trying to touch the pani every time we are outside in the rain, with walks on trails surrounded by fall, with impromptu coffee plans with friends, with windy day drives through leaves just floating all around - we are trying to make the most of this season!

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After six years in Seattle, I think I have finally found a cure for the rainy winter blues. To embrace the weather! Yes, that is my new plan! With colorful rain boots and jackets and umbrellas. With the right gear and the right frame of mind. With good friends always ready to meet up on short notice . With not staying at home when you feel the blues coming. With lots of plans (diy/décor/other) to get through.

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Because, what follows after these rainy months? Is what makes it all worthwhile! The endless pinks and whites of spring, followed by the most perfect summer you can imagine. It is all worth it. And I have to remember that on those never-seem-to-end rainy days.

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How do you plan to spend your winters?

Thanks for stopping by!

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PS: Will have to tell you in a few months how the plan is working, haha!


  1. Oooo myyYy Myyyy!...This one is cute <3 I love fall.....But the winter are not inspiring in Karachi :'( Wish to be with u Taaiyaaaa! <3
    The Blue frock that anYa wore is stunning <3 I love it!

    1. Thanks lovely. Oh i'm sure it has its own charms. I remember the unpacking of sweaters and shawls only to hardly use them. Karachi winters are hardly any winters, but that is charming in itself:)

  2. I love you Aniya. <3 :) Nice post Nats my jaani :)

  3. Loving ur fall pictures absolutely gorgeous colors.:


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