Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh sunshine

Oh sunshine, streaming through the house, you used to be nice. We quite miss you!

2012-10-01 078

I love natural light and first thing I do when I get out of bed is open all the blinds/curtains. I get that from my mom who used to try to choose her houses based on the views from the windows.

So for me the best thing about our little rambler has always been the amount of natural light we get. Whenever we get some sun, late afternoons are just so cozy in the house. Sunlight streaming all around, and it is just perfect for some couch time. Now when sunny days are scarce, I cant help but miss those days. BUT like I said, I have a plan:p and I wont let it get to me.

Doesn’t mean I am not waiting for those sunny days to return. Because I am :)

2012-10-01 081

Also sharing these pictures reminded me of another thing, have you noticed how different a room can look at different times of the day? Every room has a time of day when it looks its best. When taking pictures of your house, make sure you notice this slight detail because it makes a world of difference!  Beautiful light makes for beautiful subjects. Both people and places:)

2012-10-01 084

Thanks so much for stopping by!

PS: I just noticed something on the floor infront of the front door in the first picture. Probably Anya's doing in her escapades around the house:p. It never is perfect i guess. hehe


  1. Awesome Naaaat! :) Lovely!<3
    The natural sun-shines have also their own beauty :)

  2. Gorgeous light<3

  3. aww, I get annoyed when the sun shines, as I like the even light at the daytime and lots of cold breezes at the night timings! I can understand your thinking according to the country you're living in! But that's just so cool! nice one BTW deary!

  4. love the sun (in winters). It gives me headache in summers :$ But light and sun in the home is one big yes. When I wake up my first instinct is to draw curtains open and open all blinds for as much light as possible into to the home. Its such a mood-lifter. With winters here, sun is scarce grays are in. I guess we should arrange for a plan B too :)

    ps: thats a very minor escapade :P

  5. U know what taaiyaaa! I inspired by you,so i did the same i get up! and open all the doors,windows etc! and then start taking Blah shot! Heheh :D

  6. who doesn't loves the heavenly light illuminating their homes! Especially in winters!


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