Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celebrating Eid

Hey you guys. So glad you guys enjoyed posts by the beautiful people I had guest post for Eid. I wanted to answer the same questions I had asked them but its been a bit busy in our house the past week or so. I thought I’d share some pictures from our Eid instead. This time we celebrated all three days because of the weekend that followed and it was lovely.

Here are some little glimpses into what it was like.

2012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 0292012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 005

Anya enjoyed the growing bangle collection she has thanks to our family.

2012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 0962012-10-28 Eid ul Azha 101

I did manage to put up some last minute decorations. Haven’t been feeling too creative lately because of lots going on, but wanted to put something up at least!

2012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 0072012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 0482012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 0542012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 0412012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 056

A beautiful dinner with friends on Eid day with yummy food, lots of stair climbing for Anya (her favorite kind of activity) and Eid gifts for all the kiddies thanks to this new tradition some of our friends have started (I love the idea).

2012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 0952012-10-26 Eid ul Azha 098

A visit from an old friend who was in town. We were meeting after more than 10 years! It was nostalgic and lovely to say the least!

2012-10-28 Eid ul Azha 019

A darling little handmade Eid card for Anya along with her very own abacus, sitting in Anya’s room thanks to some lovely friends!

2012-10-28 Eid ul Azha 0382012-10-28 Eid ul Azha 0562012-10-28 Eid ul Azha 100

And our Eid celebrations ended with a cozy dinner with some beautiful friends!

Perfect mA!

How was your Eid like? Hope it was extra special. Will be back to posting very soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG! It was your special day when u met your Friend after 10 years <3
    All the pictures are awesome <3

    1. Truly! Thanks:)
      PS: I cant link to your blog somehow:\

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  3. After all, Eid is about togetherness! :)

    p.s. I love the picture of the roses, beautiful!

    1. Truly it is and if you are able to find company when so far from your family, it is a blessing:) Thanks Momina!

  4. i love the simple decorations!!! I havent put any fall decorations up at all but looking forward to christmas so i can at least put up the tree :D have a great week!

    1. Thanks Yvonne! Ooh cant wait to see what you will do. I want to put up some holiday decor too!


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