Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This season <3

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We don’t officially celebrate thanksgiving or Christmas. For us the closest thing to these celebrations are our Eids. However living in the US, there is something about this time of the year that does resonate with us. The magic all around might be to blame for it partly, but add the shopping deals, the twinkly lights shining through the grey everywhere, the holiday songs echoing all around, and how can you not fall in love with the season!

But seriously more than any of that, I love the concept behind some of these traditions. Like how thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, a day to celebrate the special people in our life. To give thanks for all that we are blessed with, material as well as immaterial. And then the tradition of buying gifts for everyone around you for Christmas. I especially love how both these holidays are all about family and togetherness!

Since I’m a big believer in taking the best from both worlds, me and my husband like to celebrate the holidays in our own way. We buy holiday gifts for each other and our family back home, we try to make a trip back to Pakistan to spend some time with loved ones, we enjoy a lovely thanksgiving lunch at some friends’ house, we celebrate snow days and we try to bring some of the magic into our lives.

Now that we are parents of a little one that will possibly feel more American than Pakistani, it is important to me that we find a way to connect these two worlds and bring the best of both of them in our lives. My dream for her always is that she feels lucky for her multicultural upbringing. That she feels connected to these two cultures so easily that this difference, instead of a challenge becomes a beautiful advantage.  

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So through all the craziness of packing and shopping for my Pakistan trip, I wanted to bring some holiday cheer into the house. I saw this via pinterest and had been wanting to try it. Above is my version and even though they looked much pretty in my mind than in real, I think they will do:). Added a little washi tape bunting over our chalkboard along with a joyful message and our little house is ready:)

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How do you try to balance the culture you come from, and the one your kids are growing up into? I would love to hear your ideas.

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Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. That's so sweet of you taaiya! <3
    And Your idea is awesome as well :)

  2. Although a Christian tradition, but similarly, I love the concept of saying holding hands and saying grace before dinner as a family! It is a way of showing our gratitude and focusing on all the blessings we have in our lives, more than that I think it serves as a daily reminder for us to focus on the blessings.

    1. Totally know what you mean, it is beautiful. We all need to be reminded how blessed we are. Sometimes its easier to forget. Thanks for your comment. If possible, please leave your name too next time. I love to be able to put a name to my readers:)

  3. awww jaanu's pic! :D hehe i feel all warm and fuzzy seeing you using the pics! :D

    1. So glad you noticed it. I have a couple more around the house and would love to point them out to you when you visit us next. Thanks for taking those beautiful pictures of us:)


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