Monday, October 14, 2013

Inspiring me lately.

Hello Monday. Hello sweet people. Thought I’d give your week an inspiring start with some of the beautiful stuff I have been pinning.


Live Better


On Marriage


Found via Pinterest.

Baby Style


(Top row) Little oxfords. Osh Kosh also has two adorable ones I’ve had my eye on, a metallic beige one, and this blue dotted one. 

(Bottom row) These toddler sunglasses <3 and beautiful sequin dress by Boden (also available at Nordstrom)

Raising Kids.


(Top row) How to expose your kids to different cultures.

(Middle row) And why to read multicultural books to your kids.

And another great read for the stay-at-home mom that is having a bad day, How to turn it around in these simple ways.

Home and Décor


(Top row) Left Loving the large prints displayed on a wire. Right Great idea, making a guest room cart for when you have friends/family staying in.

(Bottom row) Crushing on Beni Ourain rugs. Here are some resources for every price range, if you are looking for one.



Left Silk tapered pants. Right I think its finally time to get myself some fringed Minnetonkas.



Love these adorable and so creative handmade Halloween costumes for her kids. Make sure to check out the rest of her blog for creative seasonal décor and DIY ideas  



(Top Row) After the church attacks, Muslims stand up for their Christian friends in Pakistan.

(Bottom Row) Pakistan’s newest super hero, and lessons Disney could learn from her.

In the news


Why it is best that Malala did not win the Nobel Peace Prize. These are exactly my thoughts on the situation and also If you listened to this yet, you should right now. Malala Yousufzai on Daily Show with Jon Stewart

None of the images above are mine. Clicking on them will take you to original sources.

Thanks for reading.


  1. lots of really interesting stuff here, especially about what's been happening recently in Pakistan

    1. Thanks for stopping by Helen. Glad they captured your interested:)


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