Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Product Love. Toys by B

I come across so many products that strike our fancy and I thought I’ll share some with you from time to time. This is not a review, just sharing some favorites with you sweet readers.


Have you heard of B toys? If you find yourself frequently strolling through the aisles of Target (like me!), you probably do. B Toys has an adorable line of toys and the first thing you’ll notice are their unique colors and that is what actually got our attention. Let’s just say its horribly uncomfortable for me passing by very pink and blue toy aisles and these are such a pleasant change. Their toys includes blocks, cars, musical instruments, drawing boards and many others. Anya has quite a few of these and there are some we have our eye on :)

A little about B. The company was started by a designer duo who, after working in the toy industry for decades, decided it was time to make toys that made a difference, to the world and the children in it. For every toy that is sold, a dime is donated to Free the Children, an organization that runs in 45 countries around the world and works for education for children.

A little about the toys. All of the toys are BPA, Lead and Phthalate free and the packaging is fully recyclable. Each toy also comes with a gift tag and some even come with packaging that can be reversed and turned into gift wrap, making life so much easier for parents. Each toy also comes with a little booklet of adorable quotes from kids, one of my personal favorite thing about them.


Visit the B website here and go here to find stores near you that sell them.

Thanks for reading.

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