Monday, September 30, 2013

The last of the warm days in an outfit post.


Happy Monday morning you guys. Hope your weekend was lovely. We have been getting the first of the winter storms and the winds and the rains on the weekend reminded us that it is time to get ready for the cold weather. These pictures here seem like months ago already, even though they are just from a couple weeks ago. Sigh. Time to brace up for the cold weather. Here is a little outfit share for today.


Anya wears: Top from Zara, Lace Skirt from RUUM, Ballet pumps from Target, Hair Bow from Target.

Mama wears: Top from H&M, Pants from Gap, Pumps from Target

I had my eye on these pants for a while until I saw them on a sale too good to resist and had to buy them. Have to say I’m loving the printed pants trend and hope it stays for a bit. Also Anya’s top and skirt were both purchased online and turned out to be great buys. It is my new favorite way to shop, specially over shopping with a toddler in tow (How do others manage, seriously!). I subscribe to emails from stores I like to shop at and make use of any free shipping promotions.

Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ohmyy , You looking Pretty as well. mA.
    You both wearing cute outfits and i loved your printed pant.

  2. Nataliya looking bloomy as ever and smart too ;) and anya, catching my eyes as ever. Xoxox.

  3. The Pants. Wow. I want to go pant shopping too now, thanks to you. Anya's skirt looks lovely too :)

    1. Hehe, hope your husband doesn't blame me now! Thank you!!


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