Friday, September 6, 2013

My favorite coffee table books.

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2013-01-28 Back home 101

We are in the middle of redoing our living-dining area and I’m loving how open and bright it is looking already. This time I am making sure that we have areas to display the growing number of beautiful coffee table books we keep buying. I loveeeee books and even though I am increasingly switching to the kindle versions for most of my current reads, I can never stop buying these large, hardcover, picture pretty ones.  I love that just through the titles of these books, you can tell your story, where you come from, what interests you.

If any space of yours feels like it is missing something, consider displaying some coffee table books on a table, in a basket next to a couch, on a mantle; pretty much any space can come alive with just this little addition.

Today, I thought I would share some favorites.



Young House Love by the famous husband-wife duo of the blog by the same name. Great to inspire DIY projects of all types and sizes. It is written in their same humorous voice which is my favorite part. Of course besides being a home décor DIY book, it is total eye candy and inspiring. You’ll love it if you have been following their blog, if you love home décor, if you just got your own place or if you love DIYing.

Design Sponge at home. One of my absolute favorites and probably the most popular one on this list here. If you follow the blog Design Sponge by Grace Bonney, you must be familiar with the sneak peeks she shares of real homes every Monday. This book is a collection of some of those along with DIYs and other tips. I love this book and browsing through it always inspires me. You’ll love it if you are a fan of the blog, if you are inspired by real homes, if home décor is your thing.

Nate Berkus: Things that matter is the latest book by the interior design celebrity and such a treat to read. It is all about filling our houses up with things that mean something to us, that have a story. It contains spaces he has decorated, the people and their prized possessions and the stories behind them. You will love it if you are into home décor, if you are a fan of Nate Berkus, if you get attached to things and objects around you.

The perfectly imperfect home. Lovely little book on decorating your space that covers pretty much everything décor related from furniture to entertaining in your home. What sets this apart is the beautiful illustrations instead of photographs. I also love the many little practical tips this contains to make our houses feel like a home. You’ll love it if you’re just starting to decorate your space, if you love art and illustrations and if you’re a home décor junkie. 


Kate Spade: Things we love.. It is hard not to fall in love with this book just by the looks of it. Gold edged paper and a hot pink hardcover behind the dust jacket, and I was in love. You’ll love it if you love Kate Spade and their colorful style, if you’re inspired by the vintage and of course if you’re a fashionista.


Journey through Pakistan. I have grown up seeing an earlier edition of this book in our house as my mother had a copy. So I was very excited to find a latest edition of it on a trip back home. It is a beautiful journey into Pakistan that surveys the history, depicts the culture of its people, and portrays the variety of the terrain of the country. You’ll love it if you’re from Pakistan or ever lived in Pakistan, if you’re into travelling or if you’d like to see another side to life in this much misrepresented country.

To God Belong the Names Most Beautiful. I saw this at someone’s house on our trip to the bay area with my parents and sisters some years ago and it stayed with me. I was excited when I found it at a bookshop in Islamabad. Beautiful calligraphy of the names of Allah along with poetry on each name in English by the author. You’ll love it if you’re Muslim, if you are a student of world religions, if you are inspired by beautiful calligraphy, if you are inspired by spirituality and if poetry is your thing.


Bloom: Finding beauty in the unexpected. I have talked about this book a few times before too and as a mom it is one of my favorite books to be inspired by just like her blog. This hardcover version of the book is full of Kelle’s beautiful photography portraying simple joys and the beauty of childhood and being a mom. You’ll love this if you are a mom, if you have a special needs person in your family, if you love photography and believe in enjoying the small things.


America at home. I discovered this book at HPB’s and picked up a few copies straightaway. This is the collection of photographs from an interesting online photo project in 2007 to depict what life in America means to the millions that make up its population. The book captures home life and what it means to different people, the distinctive rituals, ceremonies, traditions, intimate moments. I love how it captures the feel of America and its multicultural culture. You’ll love it if you’re an American or live in the United States, if you are into photography and its role in documenting our daily lives.


A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book. just came out a couple of weeks ago and being a fan of the blog and Elsie Larson, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It is full of beautiful pictures and so many ideas to inspire your photography. I love that it covers so many different areas of photography and gives specific tips for each, including self portraits, taking pictures of your house, outfit pictures, product photography and so much more. It also has  a section on the different ways to display your photography in your space. You’ll love it if you are a fan of their blog, if you love taking pictures and would love to be inspired, if you’re a professional photographer and need inspiration for those uninspired days.




Hope this inspires you to go out buy (or order online) some pretty books or browse through the ones you already own while sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee. Do you have any favorites/recommendations you’d like to share? I would love to know.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.


  1. whattay beautiful post....i will def buy a beautiful mess book.oh yes please do a room tour of your living room,already loving your space

    1. You will love it Sumera:) Its not actually a coffee table book considering the cover is not hardcover but it is such an inspiring book so I had to add it:) And yes will definitely share it once it gets done iA. lots of love. Cant wait to have you in the same continent:)

  2. These days I am on a home magazines spree, spend nights with cuppa chai and them :) I love well-read books, when I came here, brought some of my parent's cherished books with me. Your post makes me miss Islamabad's old book shops too.

    BTW love your nail color too :>

    1. Hai, that sounds so blissful. And thanks so much:)


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