Wednesday, September 25, 2013

LITTLE STYLE: Story times at the library.


One of my favorite things about life in the States is the many morning activities available for stay-at-home moms to do with the kids all through out the year and specially during the summer. I especially love taking Anya for the story times at our local library. I started taking her when I returned from Pakistan after my father passed away and in those early months when I didn't feel like meeting many people or doing what I used to do before, I regularly started going to these. Anya was just discovering the world around and she wasn’t even walking when we started going. These became a little distraction and a reason to get out of the house in those early sad and grey months. Now, our trips are not that regular but we still love going to them whenever we can.



Anya wears: Lace Dress from Outfitters Junior, Hair Pin and Boots (seen earlier here) from Old Navy.

Outfitters Junior is a Pakistani kids line that has super adorable baby/kids fashion at affordable prices. Check out their Facebook page here. And if you haven’t shopped there yet, make sure to do on your next visit. Unfortunately,these are only available right now in their outlets in Pakistan. (The yellow coat Anya wore in this post is also from them.)

Also I think dresses look so much better when dressed down with boots! Please tell me you think so too? :)


Thanks for reading. Hope your week is going awesome.


  1. Love that yellow dress Anya is wearing. I've started taking Momin to activity groups for playing and singing. He enjoys it so much and so do i. Have met lots of new people. Wish they had story time in our local library though.

    And yes boots with dresses all the way!!! :)

    1. I know what you mean. There is just something so universal about moms. Wherever we come from, whatever our story, we can just click when we meet as moms and with our kids. I love that. Glad you're enjoying these little activities with your little man!


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