Monday, September 16, 2013

Keeping it real.


I know I usually like to talk on the blog about happy and inspiring things, but as much as I wish our lives were always like that, I know that is not really possible. Those days are inevitable for a mommy, when it all gets too overwhelming and you’re just plain tired and have no stamina whatsoever for anything and specially for toddler tantrums. This past week was like that. Between trying to manage the home and food and laundry, and making time for my family across the world, trying to keep Anya involved and happy, trying to catch up on editing and blogging with a toddler going mama, mama, mama non-stop, I was just beyond overwhelmed by the end of more days than I’d like to admit. Things seemed out of control and in trying to get everything to be perfect, nothing was even close to that. I could barely keep my head up by the end of the day, and had no stamina for Anya’s longer by the day bedtimes. Patience is not one of my best traits and in my frustrated and overwhelmed mode, I am more prone to losing my temper and yelling at Anya over our daily struggles. And that leads to guilt and even more frustration. Not a good cycle to get stuck in.

The thing is I am partly to blame. I want to organize my days better. I want to learn to let go of some things. I want to sleep better. I want to enjoy the moment more and live in the present. I guess it is all a balancing act, some days we may seem like we have it all under control, but then days like these remind us that we don’t in fact. It is good to reevaluate and realize what is working for you and what is not. Hopefully that is the first step to some welcome changes. To all the moms reading this (including all the moms in my life, specially my own mom), whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a work-from-home mom or a working mom. You are awesome, and my respect for you grows as my baby grows.


Anya wears: Dress from Target (A gift from a sweet friend of mine), Tights from Carters, Sneakers from Target, Hair Bow from Claire's

Mama wears: T Shirt from Urban Outfitters (also worn here), Dress from Old Navy, Scarf from Charlotte Russe, Pumps from Target.

Thanks for reading.


  1. oh my!! I had planned a similar post. I too get overwhelmed with a baby who literally wants to be held all the time. I'm working 60% and baby hasnt found a kindergarten.

    But like kelle hampton says, take one day at a time :). They are not going to be this little and nagging all the time. They will grow and then we will miss their naggingness :(

    1. It is a hard job trying to manage work and kids whether you are at home or going out to work. You are doing a commendable job. Best of luck. But you're right, they grow up way too fast and even though we tend to get overwhelmed, we all know in a corner of our heart that we are living probably the best days of our life, mA:) Much love for you.

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  2. i really salute all the housewives who are totally engaged in their day to day minor and major tasks from changing diaper of their baby to buying grocery for the day... I have just realized it 1 month ago when i had to manage all home chores instead of my mother as she was ill... Being unmarried, i soon realized that to be a house wife and mother is not a simple job...


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