Monday, July 7, 2014

This Ramadan.

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Hey my sweet readers. Looks like I have been totally missing on the blog since before Ramadan started. But now that the first week of fasting has gone by, I might be getting the hang of things, somewhat. Happy Ramadan to all of my Muslim readers. Wishing this month brings peace, blessings, and Allah’s guidance your way. Ameen.

Just wanted to share some Ramadan related links that have been inspiring me.

Loving this Back2Quran series where they are adding summaries of Quranic Surahs.
- This post by Aisha Saeed about supporting books on Ramadan and Eid for children.
- 30 days of beautiful Ramadan inspirations via Times.
- Love the tips shared on Productive Muslim to have a Productive Ramadan.
- Enjoying daily Ramadan reflections via Huffington Post by Imam Khalid Latif
- Loved President Obama’s message to Muslims on beginning of Ramadan. Here’s a link to the video too.

Plus for new readers, more Ramadan posts from the past.

- When I remembered all those Ramadans spent back in Pakistan
- When I shared ideas on making your own Ramadan traditions and memories.

And throughout this month I will be pinning inspiring ideas and articles here. Check them out.

Thanks for reading and stopping by. Stay inspired and have a lovely Ramadan.

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  1. Happy Ramadan. Your posts are always inspiring. x


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