Thursday, July 31, 2014

IN PICTURES–Ramadan in July via Instagram

Hey lovelies, hope your Eid was amazing. Dropping by to share glimpses of July as it comes to an end. Since most of the pictures I took from my camera were of food, I know:p, here is the Instagram version for this month instead. Enjoy!
The mosque got festive as Ramadan began. Loved the odd evenings before Iftar2 when the husband was taking a nap and Anya was down for the night. Peaceful bliss as I read my Quran3.
Enjoyed these Ramadan/Eid1 books for kids from the library. Here are the links 1, 2, 3
Seattle summer kicked off with some hot hot days as the month began and then some not so warm ones like one morning of 4th of July crafting at Gymboree’s Play and Music.  
It was hard to get through the 18+ hour long fasting days at home. And many a cooking sessions at her new play kitchen (Her gift for finally going diaper-free:p) kept us occupied as did walks around the neighborhood when the day just wouldn’t end. Every night ended with some chai with the hubby after Anya went to bed.
Decorated up the house a little for Ramadan with our advent calendar which was updated every five days or so:p. Baked cookies every Friday evening with my little girl, to take to our sweet friends hosting our tradition of Potluck iftars2.
There is something about Ramadan. Despite the lack of energy, the hunger and the thirst, it brings you closer to the deepest parts of yourself. It makes way for self reflection, for compassion, for empathy, for a desire to be a better person. And its beautiful. For the past couple of years, amid the excitement of Eid, I find the faintest sadness for the end of another Ramadan1. Why does praying, empathy, kindness, every little good deed become so much easier in Ramadan1 and then harder as you get used to your old life?
As Ramadan1 ends, lets all try to continue the good habits we started. Lets change even one small thing about ourselves or our lives for the better. Lets not let the good we earned go in vain.
How was your Ramadan?
Thanks for stopping by and lots of love.

1Ramadan in Arabic is the month of fasting. Muslims all around the world abstain from food etc from dawn to dusk. It is a month of spiritual awareness, compassion and kindness and ends with the celebration of Eid ul Fitr.
2Iftar is the meal Muslims eat to open their fast at sunset. Different cultures have different traditions to open their fast but most consist of dates and water and then traditional meals.
3Quran is the Islamic sacred book, the word of God as dictated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel and written down in Arabic.

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  1. Loved it. So current and made us remwmber our month too. Absolutely love my babys pictures. I feel like eating her up my guddu.


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