Friday, July 4, 2014

This country that we call home.

I write a lot about Pakistan and life back there but not enough about our life in the States. And I thought today, being 4th of July, would be the perfect time to share some thoughts about this country we call home. Wishing a very happy 4th of July to all of my American readers:).

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Unlike many that moved to the US for a better life for themselves and their families, we moved for less severe reasons. We enjoyed a fairly privileged life back in Pakistan. A better employment opportunity brought my husband to America and marriage brought me. Initially we assumed we would stay here for a couple of years and ultimately move back. We missed our families and the familiarity of the people, the culture, the foods and everyday life.

And then slowly as time passed, things began to change and we began to value many of the things about this fascinating country that had started to feel like home.

Here are just a few of the things about life in the States that I personally really like.

-- I love the freedom. To speak what you believe in, to follow the religion you believe in, to wear the kind of clothes you want to wear, is a huge privilege, not given to citizens of many countries across the world. Living here you can start taking it for granted, but when you look around, you realize how amazing that is.

-- I love the diversity. America has a history of multicultural beginnings, and over time it is the perfect environment to live alongside people from different backgrounds. To understand that people can be so different in the way they look, in the religion they practice or not for what matter, the food they eat, how they talk and dress but inside in so many ways we're all the same and want similar things from our lives. I love how most people you meet are interested in your religion and the country you come from and will ask questions about it despite the picture they probably have in their heads already thanks to the media.

-- I love how every person no matter what socio-economic level they come from, or the kind of work they do, are equal.. In America, even a cleaning lady deserves respect. She has a skill that she is good at, and earns an honest living and that gives no one the right to disrespect her or treat her less than any other person. I love that there is respect for labor here.

-- I love how friendly people generally are (once out of the airport security and immigration, of course:p). How strangers will greet you and open doors for you, how the cashier at the grocery store will ask how your day is going, how when your eyes meet with a random person at the mall or anywhere, it is not uncommon that they will give you a kind smile. You notice this even more once you have kids. Everywhere we go with our daughter, she gets loving looks and smiles and random people will try to strike conversations with her. Americans love kids.

-- I love that there is respect for law and how no one is above the law. I love how everyone has equal rights and I don’t need any 'contacts' to get a simple problem solved. I love how systems are simpler. I love the protection you feel because of the law enforcement agencies and I love that if you have been wronged the law is on your side.

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Every country has it’s positives and negatives and above are just a a few of the positive things we have experienced in our time here. Someone else’s experience might be different and I understand. I believe that instead of finding faults, we should absorb the good things about any culture, and let them broaden our horizons. In return, we should pass on the good we bring back from our own cultures.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.


  1. I loved reading this. Im glad you wrote about this. Its a topic we seldom write about but its good to appreciate the goodness of a foreign place that becomes home.

  2. Love it. Keep u the good work dear :)

  3. I love going the pictures of Seattle you post on IG. Its a breathtakingly beautiful place, so green and sight for sore eyes!
    This is the first blogpost of yours that I read today, will be back later for the others :) have a good day x


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