Monday, June 30, 2014


I know its almost mid July already but here’s a picture story from the last two months. Hopefully I’ll be more prompt next time;) Enjoy!
Enjoying these longer evenings and watching the first stars as they start appearing every night.

These girls bonding over pretend play, toddler talk and anything sweet. Driving through the rain singing at the top of our voices and stopping on the way for ice cream and pictures.

Healthy dinner experiments and trying to practice some food photography.

Lots of flowers in vases as the weather changes, wildflowers collected from fields and brought back from walks along.

Babysat these sweet girls and loved the giggles and chatter of three girls running around and having fun.

Been doing a lot of photography related work recently. Love how sweet my clients are.
A day trip on mother day weekend and enjoying dusk on the way back. More here.
20140604-20140604-IMG_4376June began with some grilling. Grilled tandoori Salmon by the husband makes for some yummy and healthy dinners.
20140615-20140615-IMG_5513A last minute fathers day activity/craft with Anya, inspired by some I saw on Pinterest.
20140616-20140616-IMG_553220140620-20140620-IMG_5548Long days mean reading in the sunshine as daddy gets home. (Above) Reading one of my own childhood books that I brought back from Pakistan, to her baba when he gets home from work. (Bottom) A sweet little read my friend brought for Anya.
20140626-20140626-IMG_6402A university friend was visiting the area, and absolutely enjoyed having our families meet up.
Celebrating on Skype with my Mom and sister.
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  1. Lovely but if you'd be in Pakistan, your saas (mother in law) will say "tumhain chawal obaalnay bhi nahin atay?khichri pakai ya chawal obalaya hain?main pakati thi tou aik aik chawal alehda hota tha" :D

    1. Those are actually brown rice made in the rice cooker so yeah that's just how they are:p But i know what you mean as i heard it from my mother back in Pakistan:)


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