Saturday, June 14, 2014

To dads.

Sorry for being so slow on the blog the last week. Sometimes it gets hard for me to keep up and I hope you’ll excuse that. For today, wanted to share some inspiring links about dads from around the web. Enjoy!

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'Isn’t it time we celebrate fathers?’ Love this video by Dove for fathers day and the message in it. As compared to previous generations, dads are increasingly more involved in their kids lives now and it is time for us to change our stereotypical way to look at them.

For any new dads around you, or for that matter any dad, love each and every lesson on this cheat sheet, from a dad of six kids.

Loved this thoughtful piece on how we forget to ask our dads about their lives, all the little things we don’t know about their lives before us. With my dad gone, I know there are so many things I wonder about my dad’s life, pieces of his life history that only he could’ve told us.

 Love this collection of funny lessons from some famous dads.

Caroline Kenney shares thoughts on how our homes and societies benefit when dads are more involved at home.

We moms have a tendency to keep correcting our husbands when they’re being dads and I loved this post about daddies loving just as much as mommies and how we need to take a step back.

These beautiful thoughts from a girl that lost her dad at 16

This beautiful read on how our dads stay a part of us long after they’re gone.

Being from Pakistan and raising a daughter in the States, I found these thoughts from a Pakistani dad and these thoughts from an American dad, so ironic, specially reading them within the same hour on the same day. No way of life is the best, and whichever part of the world we live in, dads of daughters have panic inducing fears as they try to raise strong independent girls.

We owe so much to our dads. Hope these links inspire you to celebrate your own father, your kids father and all the father figures in your lives. Happy Fathers Day.

Thanks for reading and lots of love.

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