Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cooking with Anya : Tandoori Naan Pizza


I had this recipe pinned for the longest time and finally tried it last week with Anya. Now that she is older it is fun to involve her in the kitchen. And because she is a super picky eater, I thought if she is more involved in the preparation she might eat better.


This quick idea turned out to be so much fun. I had some shredded cooked chicken left over so used that instead and improvised with the ingredients I had on hand. Anya really enjoyed making her own pizza and then eating it. If you’d like to try this out follow the link to the recipe here. And if your kid is impatient like mine, I would suggest having the chicken and vegetables ready before hand and then letting them layer the pizza on their own.

In case you’re wondering this is the naan brand that I usually like to use.


If you have kids and like me usually have naan in your freezer, this is a perfect little snack/activity with your toddlers.

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