Friday, April 24, 2015

Gift Idea: Photo books as gifts


Hey sweet readers, you might remember the yearbooks I am making for our photos from here. I thought I’d also share these recent photo books that I got made for my mom. I just recently ordered these with photos from our last two visits to them and love how they have turned out! Sometimes it is really hard to find that perfect gift for our families and this is a great idea for such times, for the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in your kids lives.

Here’s a glimpse.


I have mostly used Shutterfly in the past but recently ordered one from MyPublisher and have only good things to say about the experience!

And should I let you in on my secret? ;) If you’ve subscribed to the mailing lists, you’ll get to know of the FREE photo book promotions that occur quite a few times every year. All you pay for is the shipping and the effort that goes into it! It is so totally worth it and usually the way I order most of my photo books as gifts. :)


Here are some ideas for Photo Books for loved ones.

- A Yearbook of your baby/kid’s growth and major milestones/events/celebrations from that year. 

- A photo book with photos of your child from a recent vacation.

- A photo book of your/your kid’s time spent with them.

- If any of your family has visited recently, a photo book of their time with you.

-A photo book of your kid’s birthday party if they had a big celebration.


Thanks for stopping by and lots of love.


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