Monday, May 4, 2015

With friends on my side, turning 32


I turned another year older last month and unlike my 30th where I wrote about my thoughts I don’t have many to share for this one, but I do have this photo story of celebrating with my friends instead! lol. I guess after 30 it doesn’t feel that monumental any more, at least for a couple years more! (eeeeee).


Thanks to the amazing Sumera Naveed for capturing the moments above.

I am so blessed to have friends that made my day so special, they took me out for lunch and then surprised me with this beautiful cake. You aren’t really a photographer till you get your own camera cake and I got one! I almost didn’t want to cut it, but once I did it was so good really! Yum. My little girl went with me for my birthday lunch with my friends and though she drove me a little crazy trying to get my attention every little while, when everyone was singing Happy Birthday, I turned to my side and there she was clapping her hands and singing along as loud as she could with a big smile on her face. It was so unlike last year when she refused to accept it was my birthday and wanted it to be hers instead! My love is getting big, and now I get to celebrate my occasions with her too! So thankful. Alhamdullilah1! (She has had a gazillion birthday parties for me in her play kitchen and wrapped me so many cards and gifts using my gift wrap. It has been entertaining. hehe)

A-night-before-dinner from my man, birthday morning skype with my loves in Islamabad, followed by celebrating with my friends, and lots of gifts, turning 32 was not bad AT ALL ;)

Oh and my friends ordered the amazing camera cake from a friend that does cakes for events. If you’re in the Seattle area, check out her page for some beautiful and yummy treats for your next event.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.



1A phrase that Muslims often use in conversation, especially when thanking God for blessings. It literally means "Praise be to Allah."


  1. Years like months and months like days, hard to accept but we are growing older..... Happy birthday Nataliya :)

  2. Belated happy birthday:)


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