Sunday, May 10, 2015

Our Mothers Day.


After feeling guilty for spending most of my morning on the phone with my mom and my best friend, I told you I wanted to take you out for a little mothers day treat as I absolutely love being your mom. You immediately said theek hai (OK in Urdu) and told me you’d like your favorite McDonald’s strawberry milkshake as a treat. So we picked up the shake along with an ice team for myself and we found a hilly spot in a nearby park in the sun and sat there as we enjoyed our treats over random chatter and some silly selfies.

I remember what it was like to wait all those years for you, I remember what it was like to bear you, to experience the strength I never knew I had. I remember those sleepless nights, I remember the sleep struggles and the dramas of potty training. I struggle each day to be a better mom than I the one I was yesterday, to understand you more, to learn new ways to deal with the challenges of each stage. And I am so very grateful for the gift of motherhood, the frustrations/the love/the struggles, everything!

Today I celebrate myself and how far I have come. I celebrate my mom who I have come to appreciate only after becoming a mom myself and all that she has taught us and given us, I celebrate you the little girl that gives me this title, that looks up at me for understanding and guidance. 

To all the amazing moms around me that inspire me to be a better one. Happy Mothers Day!

And I got a bonus super amazing mothers-day dinner by my own personal chef husband, salmon topped with a yummy blueberry sauce.


Thanks for reading and much love.

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