Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Across the miles: A collaborative summer photo project


If you don’t know already, my sister Waliya, is an awesomely talented and very creative photographer. Her pictures have a beautiful, lyrical feel to them. And though she doesn’t have a blog or website as yet, if you're on facebook you can follow her work here.




So she and I have been planning to do this for what seems like ages, and this summer seemed like a good time to start. A collaborative photo project where each week we think of a theme, and then take a photo and share it in a diptych.

2010 10 25_3747 copy

2010 05 01_5810

As you might know, I live at least an ocean across from my family and being very attached to them, I still haven’t completely adjusted to the distance. This project is a way to connect us together, through our photography. That even though a lot separates us from each other’s lives, there are many things that connect us back together!

We’ll be taking a picture every Monday and then posting it every Tuesday. Check back later today for today’s photo!


  1. Good luck Waliya and Nataliya - We are very much excited and looking forward to see the outcome of this joint venture. :)

  2. Love the idea .. cant wait for tuesdays :D, Nadiya

  3. Awh behniii, Thanks so much :):) cant wait for next week. eee :D
    Naduuuu we need to start a project soon. - waliya

  4. Love your work girls! :) keep it up!and keep doing!~

  5. Love your both <3
    Both of you sisters rock!!!


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