Sunday, June 24, 2012

Letters to my daughter: Dear Baby

Long before my daughter was even thought of, a good friend of mine mentioned how she writes letters to her little son every night. She hoped it would be a little collection of all the things she wants him to know, of all that she has learned along the way. That little tradition of hers stayed with me. And when I was pregnant I started writing letters to my daughter. During my pregnancy these letters were just snippets of our lives. I talked about what was going on, how excited we were to meet her etc etc. But after she entered our world, the letters became a thing of their own. Suddenly I had so much to learn, so much to teach, and so much to do with this brand new little person.

The past year has been a huge time of growth for myself. Experiencing a huge gift and then a huge loss all in the same year, I am now a different person. Maybe in a good way. Because motherhood does something to you. And so does losing a parent. And though it has always been a part of my being, I’m becoming more and more passionate about making the most of this gift of life we have been given, about these little humans we have been entrusted with, about enjoying the everyday, about making memories for our children, about contentment. And as I have changed, so have the letters to my baby, along the way. These days I use these letters to tell my daughter what I have learned, what I believe life is about and all the things I want her to know.

I’m hoping she will read these ones day and know what I felt in my heart as I watched her grow, as I raised her from the tiny little thing that she is and was. My wish is that these letters will connect us together in more ways then one, when she moves on into her own little world inshAllah. 

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I have shared bits and pieces from my Dear Baby journal before and I thought it would be a good idea to make it a regular series. I will be sharing a letter from this journal every week.

Will be sharing the first one, check back soon:]

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