Friday, June 15, 2012

A weekend tradition

One of the best parts about being a little family is all the little traditions that become a part of your routine and that hopefully will be fondly remembered by the kids. When they're all grown up, and living in their own homes, with their own children (iA), I hope they will think about and talk about all the little things that made our houses 'home' to them.

A recent tradition in our house is my husband cooking a meal on the weekends. He is much more creative with food, the type that can look at what ingredients you have in the house and quickly whip up something healthy and creative. I, on the other hand, cook only because I have to (most days) and even though I want to be more creative with cooking, lets just say, 'its not my thing'. lol.

So back to my husband's cooking. Its a fun little tradition. I help him gather all the ingredients and do any prep if needed and he gives us some yummy food. Sounds awesome, right? Tastes awesome too!

Here are some recent successful cooking experiments he's done.

2012-04-03 014
Vegetable fried Brown Rice, with Chicken and Peanut Sauce

2012-04-07 005
Mini Breakfast Pizzas

2012-04-07 0072012-03-31 009
Chicken Corn Soup/Baked Lamb Leg with steamed baby potatoes and Mint chutney

2012-03-31 004
Roasted lamb leg with steamed baby potatoes and mint chutney

2011-07-04 042
Baked Garlic Butter Tilapia

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  1. wow .. lucky you .. they all look pretty yum to the tum :)

    1. Hehe, yes. We all need a break some days:)


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