Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome Ramadan.



Ramadan Mubarak1 to all my Muslim readers. May this month be full of blessings for all of us and our families.

I might be slow at blogging the next month, because I want to use this time to strengthen my faith and get more knowledge about this religion that I was born into.  I do have a few ideas for some guest posts though for this month, and hopefully if they go as planned, it’ll be exciting. So do check back :)

Are you excited about this month? Any special plans to make the most of it?

Thanks for stopping by.


Ramadan or Ramazan (as pronounced in Urdu), is the month of fasting for Muslims and celebrated by Muslims all over the world as a time of getting closer to God. It is followed by Eid ul Fitr. Go here to see some beautiful images of Ramadan 2012 and a little more about this month.

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