Monday, July 1, 2013

Celebrating loved ones.


The hardest part about living so far from your family is not able to be there for the little and big occasions of our lives. Weddings and birthdays and anniversaries and family reunions etc. I have finally made my peace with it though and accepted that since that is not possible, we have to figure out our ways to celebrate our loved ones from far.

So I am constantly on the lookout for ideas. Specially little surprises that are easy to mail across the world. I specially love ideas that are small enough to fit in a regular envelope with a greeting card, because of course it is much more affordable and because it adds that element of surprise to your card. I saw this via pinterest and knew I would try it. Last week was my mom and sister, Waliya’s birthday, and we made this tiny birthday banner for them to send with a handmade birthday card.

Here is Anya showing you the little banner. Check it out.


If you like the idea and want to make your own, go here to see the tutorial. We used just regular felt, super glue to stick it, scrapbooking paper, and taped skewers to the ends, for our version.

Do you celebrate loved ones birthdays from far away? Would love for you to share your ideas.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


PS: Sad part is that this never made it to them on time, and actually still hasn’t reached. Hope it does at some point.


  1. love this DIY..will def try it too:)

  2. These holidays i have been truly inspired by you and ur sister!!
    And i love reading ur blog
    Great job!


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