Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby be kind.


I often wonder, as we try to teach our kids to say please and sorry and thank you, do we model what these words are supposed to mean? Please, Thank You, Excuse Me, Sorry – simple small words, but they signify much more than what it seems. As we teach them good manners, I think we forget that what we are trying to teach is much bigger than that. Aren’t these words to show we care and to show our concern? And are we living our lives so that they learn these traits from us?

 Because truly how can we raise kinder kids till we ourselves learn the lessons we are trying to teach them? Don’t we need to open our hearts to people, be kinder in our relationships? Don’t we need to make more time for those we care for? Don’t we need to be more empathic to those around us, don’t we need to feel their pain, to understand them better? Don’t we need to change our focus, to place more value on the insides than the outsides? Don’t we need to do more for the unfortunate around us? 

We might be saying Thank you and Please but more than that we need to raise kids that understand the need for these words. Lets go deeper. Because more than well mannered kids, the world needs kinder kids. And the best way to teach our kids, is to live. To be the example.

Just something on my mind that I wanted to write down.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nataliyaaaaa<3 you are so deep. Yes, indeed we guys know the intensity and deepness and need of these words, but still we don't really teach the kids that why these words are meant to be having so so so much importance. Everyone has to have told their kids that why the world needs kindness and that's how they would get it. Beautiful. A very good message to all the people reading it. xox

    1. Until we learn it ourselves it is hard to pass it on. But sometimes it is only when we have children that we realize their importance. Thanks for your sweet comment. Xoxo.

    2. You are welcome and yes you are right :)


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